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Spire Pack specializes in Oracle solutions for the shipping industry. Our cartonization software talks to Oracle systems, such as NetSuite, to build a better pack during the ecommerce order fulfillment process.

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Reduces Packaging

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Our Story

We’ve Been Building Software Since 2004

Founded in 2004, Spire specialized in Oracle custom software development before moving into the shipping industry space. Spire’s origins with Oracle began in 2009 working with European institutions like Deutsche Bank. Our experience continues to the present day to an immersion with NetSuite and extending its shipping capabilities. Our developers have created over 200 integrations with NetSuite in just the past few years.

In 2017, we pioneered a quality assurance and cartonization solution for RR Donnelley, a commercial printer shipping more than 30,000 shipments per month for their in-store marketing division.

Our Mission

Spire Pack works to understand your business in order to advise you on the best way to use our technology to improve your logistics operations. 

Our Vision

Spire Pack envisions a culture of ecommerce that delivers goods faster and more effectively for the benefit of our customers and their consumers. We want your logistics to be a finely tuned machine working closely with all elements of your supply chain. We aim to end the unsustainable waste of excessive packaging.

Years Of Experience

NetSuite Integrations

Custom Software Builds


What we do

Spire Pack Takes the Error out of the Box

Your Requirements

We collect your requirements and configure the software in consultation with you. Should value-added changes be required to the Spire Pack product to meet your needs, we work together to define, implement and deploy them.

The Best Box

Spire Pack examines all the factors that influence the cost of a shipment: weight, volume, rate tables, dimensional rate fees, and assessorial fees. Spire Pack considers all these factors and recommends the best box and how to pack it.

Packing Instructions

Once Spire Pack has determined the cheapest pack, it creates detailed packing instructions that packers can print out on the warehouse floor. The major features include packing rules for fragility, rolling, stacking, nesting, and folding.

Lionel Case Study

"Spire Pack is working well. We are very happy with the help it is giving."

RR Donnelley Case Study

Spire Pack enables RR Donnelley to pack over 10,000 items in 8 seconds.

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