Need AI help with your packing?

Spire Pack: Pack A Better Box

Under pressure from mounting carrier fees? Frustrated by costly mis-packs? Take the guesswork out of the pick and pack process.

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What we do

Spire Pack uses Artificial Intelligence to Select the Cheapest Box for Your Shipment

Choose the Best Box Every Time

Spire Pack examines all the factors that influence the cost of a shipment: weight, volume, rate tables, dimensional rate fees, and assessorial fees. Spire Pack considers all these factors and recommends the best box and how to pack it.

Detailed Packing Instructions

Once Spire Pack has determined the cheapest pack, it creates detailed packing instructions that the packers can print out on the warehouse floor. The major features include packing rules for fragility, rolling, stacking, nesting, and folding.

Take the Error Out of the Box

Spire Pack can re-pack your shipments and reduce two boxes to one, giving you a 50% savings. It is rate aware and examines the carrier rate tables and zones to find the cheapest pack. Spire Pack will also break up shipments into a number of boxes depending on the rates.

Spire Pack is Cost Efficient

Spire Pack can save you 10% to 15% on your monthly shipping fees. Spire Pack can address your shipping inefficiencies for a cost of only half a percent of your monthly shipping fees. 

Packing Statistics 

  • Carriers charge on average $10 per pack
  • There is $1 on average wasted per pack
  • On average, shippers throw away 10% of their shipping budget on errors

Watch Our Process

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Spire Pack is doing a great job picking the right sized boxes for different combinations of items. We are impressed with the accuracy. -Lionel Racing

We are experienced

We Have Over 15 Years of Experience

Spire Pack is an Oracle Silver Partner and has been trusted by our clients for 15 years. Our artificial intelligence Oracle NetSuite application solves costly packing inefficiencies affecting many organizations.

About us

Artificial Intelligence Packing Software for Oracle NetSuite

Carrier rates are increasing. There is pressure to get shipments out. The guesswork part of packing is frustrating. Your logistics team knows that items could be packed better, but accurate packing is hard for humans to do. There are too many factors and you need a tool to control costs.

Spire Pack solves this problem with our artificial intelligence packing software that works with Oracle NetSuite. Our solution reduces costs by eliminating human error. Computers and artificial intelligence make all the calculations faster and more effectively than a human packer can. 

Boxes are always packed to reduce shipping costs

Items are grouped accurately using the smallest sized box

AI does the packing, eliminating human error

Your NetSuite is finally optimized for packing

Lionel Case Study

"Spire Pack is working well. We are very happy with the help it is giving."

RR Donnelley Case Study

Spire Pack enables RR Donnelley to pack over 10,000 items in 8 seconds.

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